Happy New Year to all of you friends from Escola Innova. We have started this new year, 2017, with lots of joy because we can continue growing all together side by side. This New Year also brings the opportunity for us to present you great new projects such as the one we would like to present to you today.

For the very first time, the Official Cambridge Language Exams will be held in Salou! These shall be available for everybody at our Escola Innova Centre in Montsiá Street, Salou. During the last months, we have been renewing and upgrading this centre to meet the highest of standards required by Cambridge, and the result, you may wonder, has been Innova Meet & Go!

We are completely aware of the increasing importance of having an official language certificate, whether it may be to find a job or to be successful at university. Because of this, we are now placing our strongest bet on the Official Cambridge Language Exams. Last year, our percentage of students passing their exams was an amazing 100%! This year, though, we are not only going to maintain it; we are even going to increase our number of candidates for the exams.  For this reason, and with the wish of providing our students with better resources, we would also like to present you another completely free and incredible opportunity: the Cambridge Pretesting Exams.

So, what is a Pretesting Exam? A Cambridge Pretesting Exam is a mock exam. But do not be deceived because it is exactly the same as the real one! The exam covers 3 of the 4 basic skills in the exam: Reading, Writing and Listening. Cambridge sends the exams, corrects them and provides direct and accurate feedback for students to know how well they are doing and what they need to improve.

Now then, which are the advantages of taking the Pretesting Exam? Apart from what has been mentioned, students can actually go through all the experience of doing the exam, become familiar with the contents and structure and also see beforehand the facilities where the exam will be held. So, it is a great opportunity to know what the student will face on the day of the exam, where it will be held and, most importantly, it is a unique chance to receive direct feedback and assessment from Cambridge! In other words, there are only advantages and it is completely free! Finally, the students will go through the pretesting with our team of teachers so that they feel accompanied and relaxed so as to help them focusing on the exam.

Who is the Pretesting for? As we have mentioned previously, it is a free service that is offered to all our students who would like to get a bit of the real experience and feel of an Official Cambridge Exam.

Most importantly, when will the Pretesting Exams take place at Innova? They will be held in March since the Official exams are in May, June and July.

For more information, do not doubt and contact us!

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